Rain forecasted on your wedding day? No problem…

Are you planning a garden ceremony and reception under the stars? Nothing could be more romantic, right? Perfect weather and your soulmate can really make for a fairytale straight out of a romance novel. That is until Mother Nature decides she’s not having any of it. Rain, snow, wind…she doesn’t care.

I cannot stress enough how a “Rainy-Day” contingency plan is absolutely necessary. It’s not only the ceremony and reception you have to think about. You have to think of the band, the musicians, the food. That violinist you hired and paid in full? They are not going to want to walk equipment from their car to their post in any wet weather. You not only have to plan to keep your ceremony and reception areas dry, you have to account for all your vendors. Have your coordinator or someone in charge work with them to assess their needs.

Oh, and don’t forget about your guests! If your ceremony is set for outside and it rains, all those seats are going to get wet! If the sun decides to shine right after it pours, have items such as towels on standby to dry everything off. Your guests will not want to sit on wet seats!

Also have a contingency budget to plan for last minute items such as tents and umbrellas. If you don’t have to dip into that, you will have some extra money for your honeymoon!

Don’t let Mother Nature ruin your plans. All you have to do is be well prepared and it’s guaranteed you will have a wonderful and stress-free wedding!

Happy Planning!!