DIY vs. All Inclusive Venue

You just got engaged and you make a beeline for that magical venue you’ve been thinking about! And now you just realized how much this wedding venue is going to cost you! Once the sticker shock wears off, you start looking at other options, such as DIY and BYO. Here, you will find some information that will hopefully help you narrow down which type of venue you will choose.

Listed below, you will find some of the most commonly used items for a wedding day:

Tables Chairs Table Linens Napkin linens
Dinner plates Salad plates Dessert plates Water goblets
Wine glasses Champagne flutes Dinner forks Dinner spoons
Dinner knives Coffee cups Dessert forks Cocktail napkins

This is a long list and does not include waitstaff, set-up crew or clean-up crew. Think twice before asking your friends and family to do all the setup. Guests will not want to be stressed out or sweating before your beautiful wedding! And the tear down? All your guests will be tired and will want to go home. This will leave you, and perhaps your family to deal with the aftermath.

All-inclusive Venues: These venues have a minimum amount to be spent. These fees can range depending on the day of the week, and sometimes even season. You will find some “Off Season” pricing at some venues. If you’re open to dates and seasons, definitely ask about flexible pricing. Most all all-inclusive venues will provide almost everything mentioned above.

Ink & Rose Events works with The Santa Anita Golf Course in Arcadia CA. This is a full- service venue and includes the following: Outdoor ceremony space with golf course view includes white folding resin chairs and ceremony arch. The reception ballroom can hold up to 150 guests and includes tables, linens, Mahogany resin Chivari chairs, full kitchen and staff. You do have to provide vendors such as a photographer. The venue has some excellent vendor recommendations and can even bundle these items for one convenient fee.

Semi-DIY Venue: This venue definitely has a lower price point for rental. Tables and chairs will most likely be provided and sometimes even table linens. You will have to arrange for all the setup and tear down as well as provide most of the commonly used items mentioned above.

A good example of this type of venue would be a city woman’s club or community center.

DIY Venue: This venue will be your less expensive option offering just the space. You will want to ask about the kitchen, restrooms and lighting. Some (or all) of these items will have to be provided by you.

A good example of this type of venue would be a city park, equestrian center or barn.

Peerspace or AirBnB Venue: A lot of couples are opting to go this route, especially with a more intimate wedding with 50 guests or less. This can be a great option to keep your wedding more personal. Now, be careful with this type of venue because there are lot more restrictions in regards to insurance and liability. Talk to the owner or coordinator of the space and be sure to get a list of their house rules before signing on that dotted line.

When searching for your perfect venue with that perfect price tag, sit down and analyze the costs. Although a DIY venue may seem like the best option, in the end it may end up costing you more money, more time and more stress. Good luck and enjoy this big step in your planning!