A few of biggest items that couples forget to plan for on their wedding day!

So many times I sit down with my clients and go through my checklist with them. For the most part, they have answers to all the inquires. But, once I get to the bottom of my questionnaire, they look at each other with those wide eyes. “We hadn’t thought of that!”

1. Who will be handling your setup?

You will have many items to bring with you on your wedding day. From your sign in book to card box to photo frames. Make sure you assign a trustworthy individual to handle this task. If you have a coordinator, they should be able to handle this for you. Create a detailed list of items and their placement for your event. Most coordinators will have this as part of the package you agreed to but be sure to read that fine print. Your coordinator may have a “surprise” clause, meaning that if you add additional last-minute items that were not on the final checklist or timeline, this may result in an additional fee.

2. Where will you stay on the evening of your wedding?

Not all couples will leave on their honeymoon on the evening of their wedding. Some will go home, some will book a hotel close to the venue. If you decide to go the hotel route, you can easily book the room months ahead of time. Even book two nights! One night for the eve of the wedding and the second night for the night of your wedding. Just call the hotel concierge or manager and let them know about your wedding day plans. You can also designate an individual to sneak away towards the end of the wedding to decorate your room with rose petals, romantic music, champagne and maybe even prepare a warm bath. Don’t forget to book your transportation to get there!

3. Gifts!

You will most likely be showered with gifts! Be sure to designate a very trustworthy individual to collect your cards and gifts towards the end of your evening. This person can take them to an agreed upon location to keep them safe until you can pick them up. Have someone keep an eye on the box as well. You may be in a closed venue but it’s never a bad idea to have someone looking out for your cherished cards.

4. Who will clean up?

Most venues will have this included in their contract. But, make sure you are on the same page with the venue on their exact duties. Spills? Mopping? Trash Bags? A lot of venues are DIY and yes, that keeps the costs down for couples but this may also mean DIY clean up. If you have to take out the trash, make sure you know where to leave it. Ask what is allowed to dispose of on property and what needs to be taken. What about recyclables? What cleaning items will be provided? What should you bring?

There are just a few of the items that you don’t want to forget to account for. Come back next week to read more about the DIY wedding!

Happy Planning!!